Maximum Design Optimization

The SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic tile is the same as the standard FLAT-5XL® model, which means it is easy to install and brings the highest levels of watertightness and safety to the roof.

The Only Solar Tile with a Ceramic Base

The SOLAR FLAT-5XL tile is the only one of its kind with a ceramic base which guarantees the highest levels of durability over time.

Perfect Integration

The panels have a FULL BLACK anti-reflective coating and no visible connections, thereby integrating perfectly into the aesthetics of the property.

Glass-Glass Panels

The tile includes a sealed photovoltaic panel with tempered glass on both sides which ensures greater durability and reliability.

High Efficiency

Each unit has the potential to capture 23 Wp and a performance of 138 Wp/m2. Consequently, users can enjoy the maximum benefits of the tiles without having to alter the aesthetics and harmony of their home.