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All tiles are not created equal

Due to the harsh climate of the Northeast where vast temperature variations within a 24 hour period are common only grade 1 tiles should be used.

The National Roofing Contractors Association specifies the standard for clay roof tiles according to three zones, corresponding to three grades, as required by law. Grade 1 is the highest grade. It requires the tile to sustain 50 freeze and thaw cycles with no cracks. This resistance to freeze and thaw cycles is primarily driven by water absorption.

Tejas Borjas roof tiles are grade 1 rated and have stood the test of time here in the Northeast and around the world for 120 years and carry all relevant certifications.

Buyer Beware of non Grade 1 tile Manufacturers as those products will fail within the first 2 years of installation. We have been called in to completely remove lower grade roofing systems and replace it with the world known Tejas Borja roofing tiles.

Pictures and references available upon request.

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